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Indomie New Zealand was created as for Indofoods – a large multi-national food producer.  Indomie has been sold in New Zealand for a long time, but never had a good web presence.  Further, the international site was not catering to the New Zealand market.  So, a new site was created.

A challenging aspect to the project was that the site needed to abide by the corporate brand guidelines however had to be tailored to the local market.  So, there was a challenging balance to be had between the corporate branding and local imagery and copy.


Indomie New Zealand was implemented using a host of Kentico built-in features.  For example, the FAQ section and recipes section both leverage custom document types that could be easily created in Kentico and allow for easy content management.  This is also true for the events and products.

On top of the Kentico features we added a very customised front-end.  The front-end utilises a lot of clever jquery effects for a lot of interactivity and behaviour on the site.

We also concentrated heavily on integrating video into the design with a number of examples of great video shoots being incorporated.

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The website has improved the brand position of Indomie in New Zealand.  It is assisting in moving the brand from a niche brand to a more mainstream one.

The site has already begun to receive good traffic numbers and the events and other content are already starting to create a buzz with a lot of enquiries and discussion on social media.

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