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Games Buddha is a new e-commerce website allowing customers to buy the most popular new release PlayStation (PS3, PS4), Xbox (Xbox 360, Xbox One), or PC games online at great prices. The site only carries the most popular games and is amongst the first to bring new games to the market as they are available.

All Games Buddha products are efficiently delivered directly to the customer’s door and the site is responsive making it usable across many different devices.

Our Solution

Games Buddha website has took advantage of a host of Kentico features. Much of the more complex facilities were built using custom web parts and took advantage of the flexible data storage facilities offered by Kentico.

For example, the basic e-commerce facilities all leverage the built - in Kentico e-commerce facilities. However, the checkout was modified to allow for pre-order facilities as well.

The order fulfillment process was almost completely customized, however it also leverages built-in Kentico features. For example, an external system manages shipping of the products. Games Buddha leverages scheduled tasks to query the external system via a REST web service periodically for newly shipped items. Once the site detects an item has been shipped, it then sends out an email notification to the user using an email template and updates the order status.

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The website has produced some great results since going live.

First and foremost, it has “made some waves” in the industry in Australia to some extent. Because of the new business model and high value pricing, the site has garnered a lot of attention from competitors.

In terms of numbers, the site is brand new so still building a footprint. The site went live just before Christmas 2014 and had a good amount of sales for the first Christmas period.

What Clients Say

"Underbelly couldn’t have done a better job with branding the 100 Show. Every piece was so thought out, and beautifully executed. They worked tirelessly to give us the best product possible, and it really showed!"

- Mark

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