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ams Laboratories is a provider of World-Class Analytical & Consulting Services in Microbiology.

At ams Laboratories, we strive to be a sophisticated provider of quality microbiological analyses and services to the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, consumer products, environmental and nutrition industries.  To assist in this development, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced microbiologists.


Unfortunately, the website did not historically keep pace with the business growth.  The previous site was hard to use and out of date.  Thus, as part of a major rebranding exercise, the new site was built.

The main challenge for the site was to undertake the project with a relatively modest budget.  The site needed to feel contemporary and be responsive and be easy to maintain but could not have a huge price tag.   Thus, it was critical that Kentico be leveraged efficiently to keep the overall effort and costs down.

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ams Laboratories was implemented using Kentico CMS and a host of built-in features.
For example, the News and Events section leverages the built-in blog web parts. Similarly, the contact form leverages the built in form builder features.

Because most of the functionality was taken care of by Kentico, that allowed more of the budget to be focused on a great responsive design and a clear and intuitive user interface.


The website has improved the brand position and recognition of the company.  The company gets a lot more leads generated online than ever before.  They also receive feedback from customers about the ease of use of the site.

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